About Thomas School

Our mission:
The mission of Thomas Magnet School is to challenge, enrich, and nurture every student's ability by offering an enhanced curriculum that promotes and inspires lifelong success through exploration, leadership, and technology.

Our vision:
Thomas Magnet School's vision is to develop responsible, respectful, and self-sufficient citizens who create an enduring and positive impact on future endeavors.


History of the School

This educational facility was built in 1963 and originally named Ervin H. Thomas School in honor of the previous Superintendent of Schools. The structure was designed as a Junior High School with a large gym/auditorium but was used for grades one through six after completion. The facility had eight classrooms, gym, office, lobby, cafeteria, and small library.

Thomas School remained a K-6 school until 1970 when it became an all-6th grade facility. When Madison Street Elementary School closed in 1980, Thomas School housed K-5 students and all the sixth graders moved to Harris Middle School . In 1989, the school board renamed this facility to Thomas Intermediate School to serve all fourth and fifth graders in the city of Shelbyville.

As enrollment increased, additions were made to accommodate the student population. In 1976 the cafeteria was expanded, and a larger library and two classrooms were added. A few years later seven more classrooms, a resource room, and restrooms were completed. The 1996-1997 school year began in a completely remodeled facility with a total of twenty-four classrooms, a new library, a music room, art room, Title 1 lab, teacher work areas, and new administrative area.

In December of 2008, Thomas School was chosen to be the new magnet school serving grades K-5. In August of 2009, TMS opened its doors to a brand new concept and configuration. Thomas Magnet School serves high-achieving students throughout Bedford county. TMS areas of focus are technology, leadership, and after-school enrichment opportunities.

It does not matter what name is given to this facility or what age children it serves; Thomas School continues to meet the needs of this community!